Looking for a way to connect with and support the Clarence Brown Theatre? We’re not your average book club. Members delve into the scripts seen on CBT stages with the director, actors, dramaturg, or sometimes, even the playwright! With our Literary Lunches, there’s never a shortage of fun and engaging discussion as a Marian Brown’s Circle member.


($125) includes the following benefits:

  • Personal scripts of Cry it Out, How to Defend Yourself, Failure: A Love Story, and The Play That Goes Wrong
  • Marian Brown’s Circle tote
  • Listing on the CBT website, and in the CBT mainstage programs
  • Reserved spot at four Literary Lunches (lunch provided)
  • Invitation to attend Page2Stage events
  • One guest pass (to be used for one Literary Lunch)

LITERARY LUNCHES (included in membership):

  • Cry it Out | Sat. September 28, 2024, 12pm-2pm
  • How to Defend Yourself | Sat. October 26. 2024, 12pm-2pm
  • Failure: A Love Story | Sat. March 29, 2025, 12pm-2pm
  • The Play That Goes Wrong | Sat. April 26, 2025, 12pm-2pm


  • James Agee’s Knoxville |  Sat. August 24, 2024  |  Downtown Knoxville (additional event fee) 
    Hour-long walking tour followed by lunch with local historian Laura Still highlighting the life and times of James Agee.
  • New Play Staged Reading |  Sat. November 16, 2024  |  LAB Theatre
    Our second-annual new play reading featuring a brand-new script written by one of our very own MBC members.
  • “Trial of the Century” Trip to Dayton, TN | Sat. February 22, 2025
    (additional event fee) Join us for a field trip to historic Dayton, TN to explore the landmarks associated with the Scopes “Monkey” Trial and learn how real East Tennessee history inspired the drama of Inherit the Wind.

For questions about your Marian Brown’s Circle membership or benefits, please contact us at Marian_Brown_Circle@utk.edu or call David Ratliff at 865.974.8287.