Marian Brown’s Circle

Marian Brown's CircleLooking for a way to connect with and support the Clarence Brown Theatre?

Join the Marian Brown’s Circle today!

Many of you may not know, but it was Clarence Brown’s wife Marian who had a passion for the arts and helped encourage Clarence to invest in the theatre you see today. The Marian Brown’s Circle (MBC) is our way of honoring her legacy.

And we’re not your average book club. MBC members delve into the scripts seen on CBT stages with the director, actors, dramaturg, or sometimes, even the playwright! Between our Literary Lunches and Page2Stage events, there’s never a shortage of fun and engaging discussions as a Marian Brown’s Circle member.

2022/2023 Membership Levels & Benefits

MBC Memberships will be available to purchase July 2022.

All Levels Receive:

Ambassadors ($200)

($120 non-deductible)

  • Invitation to attend the Literary Lunches* and Page2Stage events
  • Two guest passes (to be used for two Literary Lunches or Page2Stage events)

Friends ($100)

($100 non-deductible)

  • Invitation to attend the Literary Lunches*
  • Invitation to attend Page2Stage events (for additional cost)
  • One guest pass (to be used for one Literary Lunch or Page2Stage event)


*Benefit effects tax deductibility.
***Benefits are subject to change, cancellation, and/or may be moved to virtual if needed.
CDC and University of Tennessee guidelines will be adhered.***

Like to read reviews before deciding? Hear from past MBC members:

“An excellent way to advance your understanding and enjoyment of the Clarence Brown Theatre experience. I highly recommend becoming a part of this circle.”

“Marian Brown’s Circle offers an extra bit of delight, like another helping of literary dessert, about all the things you love about theatre. So much fun to get an extra glimpse behind the scenes.”

MBC Members


Charlie Brakebill
Priscilla Bright
Gayle Burnett
Kerri Considine
Vickie Ellis
Susan and Jerry Kornegay
Stephen LaVie
Audrey Mankiewicz
Maureen Dunn McBride
Margie Nichols
Linda B. Norris
Liz Parmalee
Sara A. Phillips
Donna Riggs
Delores Sorey
Alice Torbett
Linda and Terry Tyler
Georgiana Vines
Donna and Terry Wertz


Liz Britt
Myra Buffaloe
Larry and Jenny Bushkell
Lisa Carroll
Steve Drevik
Pam and Jim Given
Virginia Kerwin
Angela Masini
Ronald Plybon
Sindhu Ramchandren
Fran Scheidt
Beth Schultheis
Robin Smith
Debbie Watson

For questions about your Marian Brown’s Circle membership or benefits, please contact us at or call the Box Office at (865) 974-5161