Dale Dickey and Jeff Austin in ‘Sweeney Todd’; by Brynn Yeager

The show cannot go on without your generous support!

Did you enjoy Peter Oyloe as “Hank” in Hank Williams: Lost Highway? What about the unforgettable Dale Dickey as “Mrs. Lovett” in Sweeney Todd? Donations to the CBT Artists Endowment enable us to invite theatre professionals from across the globe right to our stages and classrooms. And not just professional actors you see on stage, but professional designers, directors, and stage managers that work behind the scenes with our undergraduate and graduate students, enhancing the training of their artistic career paths in live theatre.

Founding Donors:

Roy & Paulette Aaron
Joyce & Charlie Brakebill
Thomas A. Cervone & Susan Creswell
Dr. Nancy E. Duckles
Dr. Kent & Susan Farris
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In Honor of Susan Deubel Becker,
…..Professor Emerita, UT, History
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Dr. Ronald C. & Peggy E. Turner 

Contributors supporting the guest artists and guest designers for Kinky Boots:

Barbara E. Lederer
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W. David J. Torbett
Lee & Tina Riedinger
Charles F. Brakebill
Liz Stowers
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