The Trip to Bountiful – From the Director

By Kate Buckley

In literature and mythology, a quest serves as a plot device and often as a symbol. Quests require great effort on the part of the hero, s/he must overcome many obstacles and typically much travel is involved. The quest also demands that the hero must obtain an object, something that fulfills a lack in his or her life. Perhaps it was stolen or hidden, but in order to complete the quest, once found, the hero must return home with it. This play is about such a journey.

Our heroine, Carrie Watts goes on a quest to retrieve the past in order to recover a sense of dignity to her life. She is now of an age where health and faculties often betray her. She knows she hasn’t much time left to complete such an odyssey, but don’t be fooled, her memories and her absolute resolve to return home become stronger with each step. Ultimately, with a bit of help from strangers and her own dogged determination, she found much more than what she first sought to seek.