The Crucible – Critical Reception in 1953

The Play’s Reception in 1953

by Kerri Ann Considine

Here you will find quotes from reviews about the play’s contemporary reception. 

The First Nighter – Acting Good, Still “Crucible” a Bore

By Jack Gaver  •  Dallas Morning News, January 22, 1953

“… interesting at times, but nevertheless a bore…”


By Brooks Atkinson  •  New York Times, January 23, 1953

“Arthur Miller has written another powerful play…”

Arthur Miller’s New Play

By John Capman  •  Chicago Daily Tribune, January 24, 1953

“… a stunning production, splendidly acted, strongly written…”

 Footlights of Broadway – ‘The Crucible’ Is Impressive

By Lawrence Perry  •  The Springfield Sunday Republican, January 25, 1953

“…shocking in its emotional impact, moving in sheer dramatic power…”

The Theatre: Arthur Miller’s Plea

By Richard P. Cooke  •  Wall Street Journal, January 26, 1953

“…Mr. Miller and Mr. Harris are unrelenting in their crescendo of evil…”

Arthur Miller’s ‘Crucible’; ‘Mid-Summer’ and Miss Page: Absorbing…

By John Beaufort  •  The Christian Science Monitor, January 31, 1953

“… ‘The Crucible’ is an absorbing play, as distinct from a moving one…”

‘The Crucible’ – Arthur Miller’s Dramatization of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692

By Brooks Atkinson  •  New York Times, February 1, 1953

“… Put it down as the most notable new play by an American so far this season…”

Miller Drama About Salem Is Vivid Theater

By John Chapman  •  Chicago Daily Tribune, February 1, 1953

“… a plea, a warning, and a reminder …”

2 PLAYS DRAW OUTCRIES FROM MAIDS, LAWMEN – Groups Contend Dramas Cast Reflections on Their Vocations

The Baltimore Sun, March 9, 1953

“…The American Bar Association protested ‘certain lines disparaging lawyers’…”

N.Y. Success, ‘The Crucible,’ Is Revamped

By John Chapman  •  Chicago Daily Tribune, June 28, 1953

“…it is quite different – more moving and more effective because it is simpler…”

AT THE THEATRE – Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ in a New Edition With Several New Actors and One New Scene

By Brooks Atkinson  •  New York Times, July 2, 1953

“… ‘The Crucible’ has acquired a certain human warmth that it lacked…”

‘CRUCIBLE’ CLOSING ON SATURDAY NIGHT – Miller Drama to Take to Road After 197 Performances at Martin Beck Theatre

By J. P. Shanley  •  New York Times, July 6, 1953

“Arthur Miller’s drama ‘The Crucible’ will end its engagement at the Martin Beck Theatre on Saturday night after 197 performances…”

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