Joseph Coram is the son of Melissa and Jeremiah Coram and is a Junior here at the University of Tennessee. This will be his third performance at the Clarence Brown Theatre. You may have seen him most recently in the CBT’s production of A Christmas Carol, where he had the honor and joy of bringing the character Fred to life. He is enjoying his Junior year at UT and is working very hard in both the Performing world as well as the Lighting Design world. Most recently, he worked with his lighting mentor and designed three separate dance pieces for the BOSS Dance Company’s spring showcase right here at UT. He would like to thank his parents and little sister for supporting him and pushing him to be the best that he can be, Coke Morgan for being an amazing vocal coach, Elizabeth Williams for being a fabulous instructor and director, Travis Gaboda for putting up with his antics for three years now and teaching him everything he knows about Lighting, and Dennis Perkins for being his acting and directing mentor for many years.