Talk Backs

Talk backs with selected members of the show’s cast, crew, and artistic team offer you a chance to delve deeper into the show and “talk back” to the artists who brought the show to life. Discussions generally start 10-15 minutes following the second matinee performance and usually last 30-45 minutes. Moderated by our Outreach and Education Coordinator these discussions allow us to hear what you think and to open a dialogue about theatre as an art form, issues a particular play might raise, or how an idea came to be. The direction of the conversation is completely up to you!

Want to attend the talk back but see the show on another date? No problem! Give the Box Office a call (865) 974-5161 to confirm the estimated talk back start time then just drop by after the show. Talk backs are a free service!

2022/2023 Season Talk Backs

  • HAIR – April 30