Be An Arts Advocate

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Government grants and programs are important components in the support of the Clarence Brown Theatre. They help us hire visiting guest artists, subsidize Season for Youth tickets, and aid in funding arts collaborations between the Clarence Brown Theatre and other arts organizations.

This funding depends on the support of our community and you can help! Become an informed advocate using the resources listed below to get up-to-the-minute information on the state of the arts here in Knoxville. We also encourage you to let your local commissioners, council members, and representatives know you support programs such as these!


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Did you know?

  • Knoxville enjoys the benefits of being home to 300 artists and more than 50 non-profit arts, culture and heritage organizations.
  • 86% of East Tennesseans believe having arts and culture events in the communities
    make life better.
  • 84% of business owners and white collar recruits around the country say they look for local arts activities for their families when considering a relocation.