She Kills Monsters Playbill

Land Acknowledgement and DEI

We acknowledge that we live, work, and create art on the traditional lands of the Tsalagi peoples (now the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, and the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians) and the Tsoyaha peoples (Yuchi and Muscogee Creek).

We are indebted to these indigenous peoples for their stewardship, both past and present, of this beautiful land.

We recognize and value diversity in all forms, including age, ethnicity, family structure, gender identity, national origin, race religion, spirituality, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and veteran status.

We believe inclusivity and diversity in our workplace should reflect the increasing multicultural and global society in which we live. We seek to foster excellent creative research, scholarship and professional practice by creating a welcoming environment, ethical recruitment practices, and a diverse student body who will have lives of awareness and understanding through their creative research, teaching, practicing and advocating for others in a diverse world.

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About the Author

Qui NguyenQui Nguyen is a playwright, screenwriter, and co-founder of the Obie Award-winning Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company of NYC.

His plays include Vietgone (2016 Harold and Mimi Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award, 2016 LADCC Tim Schmitt Award, 2016 Edward M. Kennedy Prize finalist); War is F**king Awesome (Frederick Loewe Award); She Kills Monsters (2014 AATE Distinguished Play Award, 2012 GLAAD Media Award nom); Soul Samurai (2009 GLAAD Media Award nom); and the critically acclaimed Vampire Cowboys shows: The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G, Alice in Slasherland, Fight Girl Battle World, Men of Steel, Six Rounds of Vengeance and Living Dead in Denmark.

Recent awards include a 2016 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program (Peg+Cat) and a 2015 New York Community Trust Helen Merrill Playwriting Award. He is proud member of the WGA, The Dramatists Guild, The Playwrights Center, Ensemble Studio Theatre, and The Ma-Yi Writers Lab. He’s an alumnus of New Dramatists and Youngblood. For television, he's written for PBS’s Peg+Cat and SYFY’s Incorporated. Currently, he’s a screenwriter for Marvel Studios.

From the Director

Welcome, friends, to the final theatre department production in the Ula Love Carousel Theatre. This beloved building has been the home to thousands of performances by hundreds of thousands of Knoxvillians, students, and guest artists, dating back to 1951, and I am honored to direct her swan song.

She Kills Monsters is the perfect show to cap off the Carousel’s illustrious history. It celebrates the very essence of what we do in the theatre – role play! It tells the story of what can happen when people choose to inhabit an imaginary world together. The result is laughter, joy, companionship, healing, and understanding.

We hope this show brings you, our audience, some laughter, companionship, and understanding. And we look forward to seeing you again in the new patron-friendly and state-of-the-art Jenny Boyd Carousel Theatre in the Spring of 2025.

Casey Sams                 

Monster Talk

Last month, during rehearsals for She Kills Monsters, Gina Di Salvo (Dramaturg) sat down with Jake Guinn (Fight Choreographer) and Morgan Matens (Puppet Designer) to discuss monsters, role-playing, and momentum. This is an edited version of that conversation.

GD: What’s your alignment?

JG: Chaotic Good.

MM: I don’t remember, but I was a Dragon-born Ranger.

GD: Let’s talk monsters. Do you have a favorite?

MM: You didn’t say these are going to be hard questions.

JG: This is a meta question. The Kobalds are my favorite.

MM: I really like the Beholder. It’s my favorite because it’s so scary, but then vanquished so quickly! As far as the puppets go, it’s the Kobalds.

JG: I think Tiamat is the most misunderstood monster. It’s really easy for it to be just a dragon, but it’s actually the most emotionally charged monster in the entire show.

MM: I think something that we lose sight of when we play Dungeons and Dragons – that we don’t lose sight of in the show – is that the Kobolds are scared. There is this human out in the forest and now they have to fight her. There are all these little animals and they live in an enchanted forest and they have purposes, too. This is true of all of our characters. 

JG: Yeah, it’s a work day for Farrah the Faerie. 

GD: What did the cast do when they first got their weapons and puppets?

MM: It was a lot of play and it was tentative. We put people in puppets who had never been in puppets before. And I saw them find humor and find fear. Everyone has this sort of moment with the puppets. They find where it is their character and where it is them.

JG: Most stage combat is – by necessity – very careful because you are usually working with heavy weapons and doing complicated choreography. We specifically decided to use LARPing [live action role-playing] weapons because they are designed to hit people. So it’s watching people ease into what they are actually doing. 

MM: I’m excited for what the puppeteers will come up with. They get to invent more stuff. I’ve given them the tools and they make stuff from it. My hope is that I come back for a performance and that I don’t recognize any of it because it’s so much better than anything I could have taught them.

JG: Same. It was really surprising and inspiring to come back to working in an academic environment after things being shut down for so long. I’m watching this group of students, both undergraduate and graduate students, really kicking it into gear. It’s been a long time coming. 

GD: What have rehearsals been like?

MM: My favorite has been developing the language of the puppets. With both the Bugbears and the Kobolds, it was really cool to see the actors develop sounds for them. We had the Kobolds in front of the mirrors [in the rehearsal room] and the puppeteers came up with different vocal intonations. The puppeteers reminded me of playing DND. It’s really beautiful to see someone take something you made and take it to that different level. This has been really collaborative. 

JG: Definitely collaborative. Multiple times, I’ll notice something and Morgan will have already suggested it. Everyone is really open and trying to make the best choices and they are good communicators.

GD: The fight scenes with the monsters are so important in this play. So much happens there thematically. But what’s behind all that work?

JG: Good fight choreography is about being a trust merchant. First, people have to trust you. They also have to trust that you’re going to make them look good. And then you help them trust their partner. That they’re going to keep each other safe and get through the production successfully.

MM: Actors are frequently in their own heads and in their own bodies. The puppet is separate from them. But when they act through the puppet, it takes the burden off of the actor of considering what they look like and what they sound like. When it becomes about what “we” are doing together – the actors and the puppets -- that’s when the magic happens. 

JG: There are moments when an actor falls, but then they get up and hit their mark with their partner. Theatre imitates life. We make mistakes. We can’t get hung up on it, because you have a partner – who also makes mistakes. If you get so hung up on what you did wrong, you can’t support your partner so they can hit their own marks. Maybe you messed up your footwork in one part, but there’s a whole lot more fight to get through. And you have plenty of opportunities to get things right. If you stop every time you make a mistake, you don’t generate any forward momentum. Keep going, please.


Rachel Darden - Agnes
Rachael Allion - Tilly
Jackson Ahern - Chuck
Zachariah Tkachyk * - Miles
Xitlalli Dawson - Kaliope/Kelly
Gwyneth Doppelt - Lilith/Lilly
Christine Sage * - Vera/Evil Gabbi/The Beholder
Natalie Wrigley - Narrator/Evil Tina
Trevor Schmitt-Ernst - Steve
Jordan Gatton-Bumpus - Orcus/Ronnie
Michala Plato - Puppeteer 1/Farrah
Ella Trisler - Puppeteer 2
Garrett Wright - Puppeteer 3

* The actors appear through the courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Rachael AllionRachael Allion
(Tilly) is thrilled to debut in her first-ever Clarence Brown Theatre production. Her most recent roles include: These Shining Lives as Catherine Donohue at PSCC, Blithe Spirit as Edith at Oak Ridge Playhouse, and Black Comedy as Carol Melkett at PSCC. Miss Allion is recommended certified in single sword and hand-to-hand stage combat. She has been a regional competitor in the National Shakespeare competition and has worked in LA perusing film acting. She has received her training from Charles Miller and Tony Cedeño and is currently learning from the talented professors at UTK. Rachael sends her love to friends and family for their continual support in her exploration of the arts.

Jackson AhernJackson Ahern
(Chuck) is a Freshman in the UTK Food Science program. She Kills Monsters will be his first Clarence Brown Theatre production. Jackson has been in love with theatre since he started competing in forensics while attending Austin-East Magnet high school. He is excited for what the future brings. He would like to thank his many mentors in life that have brought him to be who he is today. 


Rachel DardenRachel Darden
(Agnes) Rachel is a third-year Acting Graduate student who has come to UTK from her home state of Colorado. After receiving her BA in Musical Theatre, she spent time in New York City before taking time off acting to explore such interests as yurt living, hitchhiking through New Zealand, and making pie. She spent the four years before grad school honing her craft in the Denver area and has been an active member in the Education Department at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Rachel is an avid puzzler and the proud aunt of two cats.

Xitlalli DawsonXitlalli Dawson
(Kaliope/Kelly) is a DC native and Pre-Law sophomore at the University of Tennessee with a minor in Theatre. Past credits: The Drowsy Chaperone (Kitty), Peter and the Starcatcher (Molly), She Kills Monsters (Vera), Chicago (Velma), Synetic Theatre’s La Vida es Sueño (Rosaura). She trained at the Kirov Academy of Ballet and The Washington Ballet and selected for American Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker. A member of the Washington Performing Arts Children of the Gospel, she performed in notable venues including The Kennedy Center. She is super excited to be part of this production and sends hugs to all supporting her through this journey.

Gwyneth DoppeltGwyneth Doppelt
(Lilith/Lilly) is a senior at the University of Tennessee, and is thrilled to be up on stage sharing stories once again. Over the last four years, she has had the privilege of being apart of several productions at Clarence Brown Theatre: The Flower Child in The Madwoman of Chaillot (’19), Fan in A Christmas Carol (’19), and Sydney in Black Flag (’20) — part of Clarence Brown’s virtual antiracism play festival. She would love to thank her family and friends for their continuous love and support, and her fellow cast and crew-mates for their relentless hard work and artistry.

Jordan Gatton-BumpusJordan Gatton-Bumpus
(Orcus/Ronnie) is a 4th-year Theatre undergrad at UTK, and is wildly excited to be performing in person for you again. His past CBT productions include Airness, Hamlet, A Christmas Carol, The Madwoman of Chaillot, and The Real Inspector Hound. You may have also seen him in The Wordplayers production of Bright Star and The Tennessee Stage Company’s Merry Wives of Windsor. He’d like to give a special thank you to Casey and the UTK Theatre Department for all the kindness and patience they’ve shown him over the last several years. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Michala PlatoMichala Plato
(Puppeteer 1/Farrah) is excited to be in her first production at the Clarence Brown Theatre. Michala recently graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with her BA in Theatre with an Acting concentration. Recent credits include Sabrina in the original cast of Soft Animals (theatre), Ellie in Cut (student film), and Cassidy in Headaches and Heartbreaks (short film by David Gray Studios and directed by Glee’s Curt Mega). Michala would like to thank Casey Sams for this opportunity and her friends, family, and mentors for their overwhelming support. Psalms 9:1

Christine SageChristine Sage
(Vera/Evil Gabbi/The Beholder) is honored to be back in the theatre with you all. At the CBT: Ruth in Blithe Spirit and Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol. She comes from Los Angeles, where she won an Ovation Award for her performance in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. She’d like to give a special thanks to Blake for making long stretch without theatre more fun.


Trevor Schmitt-ErnstTrevor Schmitt-Ernst
(Steve) Trevor is beyond thrilled to start his time at University of Tennessee with She Kills Monsters. Trevor is a freshman from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, who is majoring in Theatre. Trevor has been acting for the past decade, some of his favorite roles have been Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Creon in Antigone both with his high school. And Reverend Parris in the Crucible with First Stage’s Young Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trevor is a graduate of the award winning First Stage’s Young Company. Outside of theatre, Trevor loves sports and all things Wisconsin! He hopes you enjoy the show!

Zachariah TkachykZachariah Tkachyk
(Miles)  is an MFA Acting Graduate (’22). He hails from Montana, and received his BA in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado. His CBT credits included “Matt” alongside Levi Kreis in an untitled bio-play directed by Randy Redd, “Miles” in She Kills Monsters, “Osric” in Hamlet, and “Ebenezer” in A Christmas Carol. Some past regional theatre credits include: “Huck” in Big River (Lone Tree Arts Center), “Pierpont” in How to Succeed (WPAC), “Harold Hill” in The Music Man (Whitefish Theatre Co), and “Troy Bolton” in the NW Premiere of High School Musical (Alpine Theatre Project). Zachariah is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association, and he is honored to be a part of the CBT family & legacy.

Ella TrislerElla Trisler
(Puppeteer 2) is thrilled to be making her Clarence Brown Theatre debut! Most recently, she appeared in To Kill A Mockingbird as Mayella Ewell at The Oak Ridge Playhouse. Some of her favorite roles so far include Kim MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie and Aunt Polly in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing piano. 


Garrett WrightGarrett Wright
(Puppeteer 3) Garrett, a lifelong East Tennessean, is proud to make his debut performance with the CBT. He has previously worked with local theater companies in his hometown of Kingston, Tennessee such as the Three Rivers Theatre Company and the Tennessee Medieval Faire. Garrett is currently studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee, loves Knoxville, and is so excited to be back in live theater. When Garrett is not rehearsing or performing for a show he can be found as a Dungeon Master for his friends’  Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Natalie WrigleyNatalie Wrigley
(Narrator/Evil Tina) is overjoyed to be making her Clarence Brown Theatre debut! Natalie is a senior from Blackwood, New Jersey studying Deaf Education and Special Education with minors in Theatre, Elementary Education, and American Sign Language. Some of her previous credits include The Drowsy Chaperone (Kitty), Legally Blonde (Margot), Heathers (Ms. Flemming/Veronica’s Mom), Spring Awakening (Ensemble), and Annie (Miss Hannigan). She is also a proud 2016 Broadway World award winner (“Best Children’s/Family Production”) for her role as Patrice in 13: A New Musical! Natalie would like to thank Casey Sams for this opportunity as well as the amazing cast and team that made this show possible. She would also like to thank her mom, her dad, her sister, and her best friends for their endless love and support!


Director - Casey Sams
Scenic and Projection Designer - DJ Pike
Costume Designer - M.J. Hromek
Lighting Designer - Josh J. Mullady
Sound Designer - Tate E. Thompson
Puppet Designer - Morgan Matens
Fight Choreographer - Jake Guinn
Dramaturg - Gina M. Di Salvo
Voice Coach - Michael Najman
Stage Manager - Shelly Pack Payne*
Interim Artistic Director - Kate Buckley
Interim Department Head - Casey Sams
Managing Director - Tom Cervone
Production Manager - Susan L. McMillan

* The Stage Manager appears through the courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Casey SamsCasey Sams
(Director) is the Interim Department Head and a Professor of Theatre specializing in movement. She teaches movement, acting, period dance and musical theatre to both undergraduate and graduate students. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Penn State and completed the Certification in Laban Movement Analysis at the Laban/ Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies. Prior to arriving in Tennessee, Casey served as the Education Director for Virginia Stage Company, where she created programming for students from pre-k to post-graduate. She has worked as a Director, Choreographer, Movement Coach, and Intimacy Choreographer at theatres across the country including The Clarence Brown Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Roundhouse Theatre, St. Louis Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory, North Carolina Stage Company, PlayMakers Repertory, Virginia Stage Company, Pennsylvania Musical Theatre, The Knoxville Opera Company, and Vermont Stage Company. She is also a certified meditation instructor with The American Meditation Society and Koru Mindfulness.

DJ PikeDJ Pike
(Scenic and Projection Designer) DJ is from Clinton, Utah and has earned his BS in Theatre at Weber State University in Ogden, UT. DJ is a second year graduate candidate at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he is earning his MFA in scenic and projection design. Recent scenic designs include Stinney: An American Execution, The Winter’s Tale, The Revolutionists, Everyman, Sunday in the Park with George and Hedda Gabler. Recent projection designs include The Magic Flute for UT Opera, Sunday in the Park with George, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Sense and Sensibility, Orchesis Dance, and Weber State’s Presidential Inauguration. DJ’s work is on display at

M.J. Hromek
(Costume Designer) is from Baltimore, Maryland and received a BA in Theatre Design and Production from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. They are the second year MFA Candidate in Costume Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and She Kills Monsters will be their premier show with the Clarence Brown Theatre. Previous work includes Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka.

Josh J. MulladyJosh J. Mullady
(Lighting Designer) is a second year MFA Candidate with a focus in Lighting Design and Technology. Originally from Iowa, he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA, with a BA in Theatre and was the first student to graduate with all three emphases offered: Performance, Design and Production, and Drama for Youth. After that, he moved to Omaha, NE, where he spent the next 12 years using all those emphases working on over 100 productions and teaching hundreds of workshops. He is excited to be playing through this journey as Lighting Designer for She Kills Monsters, and collaborating with his fellow designers. Enjoy the show.

Tate E. ThompsonTate E. Thompson
(Sound Designer) is from Parkersburg, West Virginia and earned his BA in Theatre at Fairmont State University in Fairmont, WV. Tate is the second year Sound & Media MFA Candidate and this is his first season at CBT. Most recently he designed music for Kate Buckley’s A Christmas Carol and projections for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. He is also the assistant sound designer and mixer for Always…Patsy Cline. Tate is a member of the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association.


Morgan MatensMorgan Matens
(Puppet Designer) is so pleased to be returning to the CBT in the capacity of puppet designer. Morgan graduated from the University of Tennessee with an MFA in Theatre Design. She has been working in Nashville as a puppet designer and fabricator, puppeteer, set designer, and freelance illustrator for the past 10 years. Her puppet design credits include Lorraine, Gulliver’s Travels, Momotaro the Peach Boy, Puss n Boots, (Nashville Public Library’s Wishing Chair Productions), She Kills Monsters (Martin Methodist College) The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (David Payne Drama) A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Nashville Shakespeare Festival) Heap it On (Lexington Children’s Theater). Follow her work @theaterweirder and @imagineMatens on Instagram. She would like to thank Christy Fogarty and her prop shop team for their incredible artistry and dedication in bringing these monsters to life. 

Jake GuinnJake Guinn
(Fight Choreographer) is a freelance Producer, Director, and Writer for clients that include WebMD, The CDC, and the Cherokee Historical Association. He produces original and adaptive work for theatre and film through his home company, Havoc Productions LLC. Choreographer credits include Feld Entertainment, Actor’s Theatre of Louisiville, Cincinnati Playhouse, Cincinnati Opera, Synchronicity Theatre.

Gina M. Di Salvo
(Dramaturg) is Assistant Professor of Theatre History and Dramaturgy and currently holds the Paul D. Soper Professorship (2021-23) in the Department of Theatre. At the Clarence Brown Theatre, she has dramaturged People Where They Are and The Dream of the Burning Boy. An artistic associate of Sideshow Theatre Company in Chicago, Gina most recently dramaturged Sideshow’s 2021 virtual production of The Whisperer’s Apprentice. Other dramaturgy credits include Plan-B Theatre Company, The Gift Theatre, Strawdog Theatre Company, and the American Musical Theatre Project. She holds a PhD in Theatre and Drama from Northwestern University.

Michael NajmanMichael Najman
(Voice Coach) Born and raised in Queens, NY, he is now an MFA Graduate Acting student at UTK. He last appeared in Director Kate Buckleys’ A Christmas Carol, and Director John Sipes’ production of Hamlet in the Carousel Theatre. Recently, Michael has been pursuing voice acting as a way to further his training and career. Watch him play Dungeons and Dragons with his acting friends every Sunday night at 6:30 pm on! 


Shelly Pack PayneShelly Pack Payne
(Stage Manager)  is the General Manager for the Clarence Brown Theatre and is enjoying a little change of scenery as she joins a wonderful production/artistic team on this project. Previous productions at the CBT include A Christmas Carol, Kiss Me, Kate, The Little Prince, Red, Noises Off, and Three Sisters. Before moving to Tennessee, she was a Stage Manager for The Egyptian Theatre Company (Park City, UT), Val A. Browning Center (Ogden, UT), Dominion Theatre (Virginia Beach, VA), Little Theatre of the Rockies (Greeley, CO), and the Pantagraph Holiday Spectacular (Bloomington, IL.). Other credits include, Company Manager for the Utah Shakespeare Festival and Director of Guest Services for The Egyptian Theatre Company. She is a graduate of Weber State University and a member of Actors’ Equity Association. Shelly would like to thank her wonderful husband Joe, and two beautiful children Amelia and Max for their unwavering support during this production.

Kate BuckleyKate Buckley
(Interim Artistic Director) Ms. Buckley is a founding member of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and served as the Artistic Director of The Next Theatre in Evanston Illinois. She has been a Guest Lecturer on Shakespeare at universities and arts organizations nationally and abroad, most notably at Charles University in Prague and Yale University. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Barat College, Roosevelt University, DePaul University and Northwestern University. She received four Best Director nominations from the Joseph Jefferson Committee, her productions have won four consecutive Jefferson Awards for Best Ensemble and she has won two After Dark Awards for Outstanding Direction. In 2006 she received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Aurora University and a Creative Research Award from the University of TN. 

Tom CervoneTom Cervone
(Managing Director) has dedicated most of his professional career (and life) advocating for and working in the best interests of the arts and culture industry, 25 years (and counting) serving proudly as the managing director for the Clarence Brown Theatre/Department of Theatre at UTK. He previously served as the first executive director of the Historic Tennessee Theatre Foundation and the executive director for Dogwood Arts. Cervone spent many years on the board of the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Greater Knoxville, and currently serves on the boards of the WordPlayers, the Knoxville Children’s Theatre, Department of Theatre and recently appointed to the Board of Governors of West Liberty University. Cervone remains active within the UTK community as a member of the Exempt Staff Council and Chancellor’s Commission for LGBTQ people. He received the Chancellor’s Citation for Outstanding Service to the University in 2010. He is a longtime member of the Actors’ Equity Association. Cervone holds his undergraduate degree in Speech and English Education with an emphasis in Theatre from West Liberty University in West Virginia and an MFA (1993) and MBA (2010) from UTK. He is a graduate of and was selected as the Class Representative of the Leadership Knoxville class of 2011.  Cervone is a member of his undergraduate alma mater’s class of 2015 Alumni Wall of Honor.

Susan L. McMillan
(Production Manager) is in her eighth year as Production Manager at CBT and UT Department of Theatre. In addition, she teaches Stage Management. Prior, Susan was the Production Manager and Stage Management Instructor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, for 6 years. Susan is a member of Actors’ Equity Association, and was a Stage Manager at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for 18 years. Additionally, she has stage managed at the Guthrie Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Portland Center Stage, PCPA, Rogue Valley Opera, Portland Civic Theatre, and has toured to the Kennedy Center. Through science and music (B.S. degrees in Biochemistry and Biology from Oregon Stage University), Susan found her passion in theatre. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunities and adventures, inspirational mentors, artistic and talented colleagues, amazing students, and the love and support of her family and friends.

Production Crew

Assistant Director / Associate Dramaturg
...Jessica Klus
Stage Management Assistants
...Emily Adams
...Katelyn Mundt
...Sarah Wahrmund
Assistant Fight Choreographer
...Kevin Roost

Wardrobe Supervisor
...Amber Williams
Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
...Blake Julian
Wardrobe Crew
...Abigail McCarter

Puppet Wrangler
...Zachary Parker

Deck Crew
...Nevaeh Daniel

Lighting Designer
...Kaylin Gess
Light Board Operator /
Production Electrician
...Tyler Sivels

Sound Board Operator
...Alexandra Dally

Projections Operator
...Graham Schober

...Graciela Estrada
Boards Operator
...Kell Kell

CBT Production Staff


Interim Artistic Director - Kate Buckley
Interim Department Head- Casey Sams
Managing Director - Tom Cervone
Business Manager - Tara Halstead
Accounting Specialist - Sarah Odio
Administrative Specialist - Bee Caruthers
Marketing & Communications Director - Robin Conklin
General Manager - Shelly Payne
IT Specialist - Mark Spurlock
Graphic Designer - Julie Anna Summers


Manager of Ticketing and Sales - Sarah Burton
Box Office Manager - Callie Bacon
Lead House Manager - David Ratliff
Patron Service Associates - Faridat Akindele,
....Tyler Glover, Ona Linna-Hipp,
....Anderson McNeil, Tucker Miller,
....Ariella Mingo, Amoirie Perteet,
....Emily Pope, and Jenna Tiger


External Relations & Community Development Manager -
....Amanda Middleton
Grants, Education, and Outreach Manager - Hana Sherman
Tours, Workshops - David Brian Alley
Summer Acting Workshops, Talk Backs - Terry D. Alford


Production Manager - Susan L. McMillan
Rental Coordinator/Assistant Production Manager -
....Phyllis Belanger
Production Stage Manager - Patrick Lanczki


Costume Shop Manager - Melissa Caldwell-Weddig
Cutter/Draper - Kyle Andrew Schellinger
Costumers - Amber Williams, Elizabeth Aaron,
....and Ellen Bebb
Costume Assistants - M.J. Hromek
....and Sebastian VanHorn


Electrics Shop Manager - Travis Gaboda
Lead Electrician - Jon Mohrman
Lighting Assistants - Josh J. Mullady, Kaylin Gess,
....and My’Chyl Purr


Technical Director - Jason Fogarty
Assistant Technical Director - George Hairston
Lead Carpenter - Jerry D. Winkle
Senior Carpenter - Kyle Hooks
Scene Shop Assistant - DJ Pike, Justin South,
....Katie Stepanek, Carrie Ferrelli,
....Wil Warring, and Lexi Lupien
Scenic Charge Artist - Jillie Eves


Props Supervisor - Christy Fogarty
Lead Properties Artisan -  Sarah Gaboda
Prop Assistants - Kat Cooper, Ellary Hutsell,
....and Katie Stepanek


Puppet Supervisor/Lead Puppet Fabricator -
....Christy Fogarty
Lead Puppet Fabricators - Jillie Eves,
....Sarah Gaboda, Morgan Matens,
....Zach Parker, and DJ Pike
Puppet Fabrication Assistants - Kat Cooper,
....Kaylin Gess, M.J. Hromek, Josh J. Mullady,
....Neno Russell, Katie Stepanek,
....Tate E. Thompson, and Wil Waring


Sound Supervisor - Mike Ponder
Assistant Sound Engineers - Tate E. Thompson
....and Lucas Swinehart

Theatre Faculty


Kenneth Martin  Department Head, CBT Artistic Director
Casey Sams  Movement & Musical Theatre, Associate Department Head
Kenton Yeager Lighting Design, Head of Graduate Studies


Jed Diamond  Acting
Joe Payne  Sound and Media Design
Christopher Pickart  Scenic Design


Kathryn Cunningham  Voice and Speech
Gina Di Salvo  Theatre History and Dramaturgy
Shinnerrie Jackson Acting
Lauren T. Roark  Costume Design
Neno Russell  Costume Technology


David Brian Alley  Senior Lecturer in Acting, Head of Undergraduate Studies
Terry D. Alford  Distinguished Lecturer in Music Theatre
Tracy Copeland Halter Acting
Steve Sherman Acting
Laura Beth Wells Acting
Katy Wolfe Voice


Carol Mayo Jenkins Acting


Misty Anderson Professor of English and Theatre, English Department, Allen C. Carroll Chair of Teaching
Stanton B. Garner, Jr.  Professor of English and Theatre, Chair, Department of English  


Bill Black Costume Design & Technology Professor Emeritus
Kate Buckley  Directing Professor Emeritus
Marianne Custer  Costume Design Professor Emeritus
Calvin MacLean  Department Head, CBT Artistic Director, Professor Emeritus
John Sipes  Acting, Directing & Movement Professor Emeritus
Terry Weber Acting, Voice Professor Emeritus

CBT Advisory Board

Chair: Margie Nichols
Chair Elect: Julie Howard
Immediate Past Chair: Lyle Irish

Jennifer Banner
Larry Brakebill
Amy Caponetti
Lisa Carroll
Jeff Cheek
Brooks Clark
Ramsey Cohen
Katharine Pearson Criss
Steve Drevik
Danielle Ely
Pamela Given *
Amy Morris Hess
Diane Humphreys-Barlow
Erica Lyon
Angela Masini
Maureen Dunn McBride
John North
Sara Phillips
Vladimir Protopopescu
Lee Riedinger
CortneyJo Sandidge *
Susan Sgarlat
Linda Shahinian
Steve Smith
Kay Stoutt
Pedro Tomás *
Alice Torbett
Robin Turner
Terry Tyler *
Georgiana Vines
Alexander Waters
Melanie Wood
Wendy Wortham


Charlie Brakebill
Joe De Fiore
Susan Farris
Townes Lavidge Osborn

Ex Officio

Kate Buckley
Casey Sams
Tom Cervone
Andrew Sheehy
Holly Jackson-Sullivan
Jan Simek
Stephanie Wall

*New Board Member
◊ Deceased