All three of the venues in the Clarence Brown Theatre Complex are available for rent when not in use by the Clarence Brown Theatre and the Department of Theatre. Each year, our venues host more than 40 rental events—dances, lectures, concerts, comedians, coffee houses, receptions, conferences, and shows.

Basic information about our venues and a simplified cost breakdown are available below.

For more detailed information on each venue, click here.

To inquire about renting one of our venues, send an email including a proposed schedule and short event description (e.g. “dance recital” or “lecture”) to If your requested date(s) are available, we’ll work with you to create an estimate and then complete a contract.


Booking Schedule: Rental inquiries for July 15-December 31 are accepted beginning April 15. Rental inquiries for January 1-July 14 are accepted beginning October 1.

Reservations: Any organization may make one no-commitment reservation for any of our available venues. If another inquiry for an identical date is made, we will contact you to complete a contract and make a deposit or release your date. If we are unable to reach your contact within one week or if a contract is not completed by the contracting deadline, your reservation will be released.

Contracting Deadline: Use of our venues requires that a rental contract be completed at least one month prior to the initial date of the event. Inquiries made after this deadline will be denied and contracts not fully signed and returned by this deadline may be voided.

Deposit and Billing: A non-refundable deposit of ten-percent (10%) of the Estimated Grand Total listed on the contract is due upon signing for all non-University Renters. This deposit will be applied toward the total balance of the final invoice. A final invoice shall be submitted to the Renter within 30 days of the end of the rental and is payable within 30 days. Late payment will be subject to the maximum interest penalty allowable by law.

Event Times: To reduce audience confusion, start times for rental events must be staggered by at least 30 minutes from the start time of any other event in the Clarence Brown Theatre Complex.

Quick Information

Space MainStage Theatre Lab Theatre Carousel Theatre
Max Seating 464-576 Up to 100 Up to 400
Capabilities Fly LoftProscenium:(40-60ft. x 35ft.) Thrust Proscenium:(~18ft. x 25ft.) Arena
1-2 Days $750/day $250/day $400/day
3-5 Days $600/day $200/day $320/day
6+ Days $525/day $175/day $200/day
UT Departments Price available on request.
Lighting Setup $100-250 for Rep Rep Plot Included $100-250 for Rep
Lamp Usage Fee $25-65/day $45/day $25-65/day
Sound Setup $100 for Rep Rep Plot Included $100 for Rep
Sound Usage Fee $40/day for Rep $40/day for Rep $40/day for Rep

Please note that the rates above are just for rental of the building. Use of our equipment (sound/lighting) and personnel will incur additional charges as noted. Please also note that some personnel (Rental Supervisors and House Managers) are required for all events. The following outlines our basic personnel charges and requirements:

Person Explanation Rate
Rental Supervisor Required at all times the facility is in use for the renter plus approx. 1 hour per day. $25/hour
Sound Engineer Required for advanced use of the sound system. Not required for general Public Address and CD Playback. $25/hour
Technician Requirements vary depending on the event requirements. $20/hour
House Manager Required beginning 2 hours before audience arrival until 30 minutes after the end of the event.

MainStage: 1-3 required  •  Lab: 1 required  •  Carousel: 1-2 required