Q & A with Carol Halstead, Titus Andronicus

Tell us about TamoraCarol Halstead

Tamora is a Mother and a Queen of a war torn country. We Goths are a rougher cut society than the Romans who conquered us. As the play opens, my sons and I are prisoners of war. Our people have already suffered greatly and within the first few moments of the story an added piece of cruel violence is inflicted upon us and something snaps inside me…I think something breaks in my psyche and from that moment on revenge motivates my life…and I do a lot of damage.

It’s an eye for an eye and then some…my blood lust feels unquenchable. Yes, I think unquenchable is the right way to describe it because nothing seems to fix the pain I feel or right the wrong done to me. I begged for mercy…none was shown…Alright two can play that game. Is my behavior justified or admirable? No, just sadly human.

What is the number one reason audiences come see this production of Titus Andronicus?

If you like Game of Thrones you’ll like this!
This is an early rarely done Shakespeare play….perhaps because it’s violence is difficult to understand. You may think, oh, how could I relate to such a violent story – but the play begs the question what is justice? and we ALL ask that question.
Does the circle of payback and revenge ever do more than destroy everyone? Shakespeare saw into human nature in a way that is timeless…look at our world today.