Mike was an early disciple of the home studio boom and the revolution in computer and MIDI based production, dabbling in music recording, writing and commercial jingles in Boston before returning to Knoxville to buy a house with a small studio space in the basement. For over 21 years, Mike has been Sound Engineer and Sound Designer for UT Theatre and the Clarence Brown Theatres, designing, engineering and even composing for many of the theatre’s productions over the years. Some standout productions have been the American production of the Hungarian movement-only play, Oozstanc (US title: Dance in Time), with the creator and director Laszlo Marton as well as playing live music and sound effects “poolside” for Metamorphoses; Other stand-outs include, for The North Carolina Stage Company (Asheville), Hedwig & the Angry Inch and Lee Blessing’s Chesapeake with its composed dog oriented bass. Mike maintains the small project studio in West Knoxville.