Alabama Story Original Music Samples

Sound Design and Original Music for Alabama Story was created by
Chicago artist Joe Cerqua © 2018

It was recorded in Chicago with musicians Pharez Whitted (trumpet), James Sanders (violin), Mike Levin (saxophone), Stu Greenspan (guitar) and Bob Kessler (harmonica).





Here’s what Joe had to say about how he created the music:

I was listening to all American musical styles of the late 50s. Kate Buckley and I discussed that the music wanted to be a cross of Gospel/Spirituals, Country, Jazz, and Civil Rights music of the time.  So I used chord progressions from Spirituals that I added a jazz chord extensions to.

Melodies are jazz and country influenced. The mixture of trumpet, saxophone, harmonica, and violin playing those melodies creates, what I believe is a very unique sound. The melodies and minor chord progressions are full of a feeling of struggle and hope.

I hope that the music takes the audience back in time. I hope that they feel the sense of struggle and hope that I believe is at the heart of my compositions. I also hope that the production reminds the audience that this really wasn’t that long ago and as a country we must continue to push for civil rights and equality for all. We’ve come a long way as a nation, but we still also have a long way to go.