Hair – From the Director

I remember hippies. I was too young to be a hippie myself, but I had older siblings and they seemed like hippies to me. They had long hair, for sure!

I admired hippies because they believed in freedom, and love, and kindness, (and because they wore awesome colorful clothes.) I also admired how they spoke truth to power and put their energy towards making the world a kinder, more loving place. I believe they made a difference – I believe the world is kinder and more loving because the young people of the late 60’s and early 70’s worked to make it so.

I’m glad we’re doing Hair now, because I once again admire a group of young people – the Tennessee students who have been protesting in Nashville. I think they have a lot in common with the young people of that earlier time. I hope they, too, can make a difference, and that their actions will lead to a kinder, safer, more loving world for all of us.

May it be so.

Casey Sams

Casey SamsCASEY SAMS (Director and Choreographer) Casey teaches movement for actors, musical theatre, and serves as the Associate Chair for the Theatre department. She regularly directs and choreographs for the CBT, and has served as Intimacy Choreographer for the CBT, River and Rail Theatre Company, First Take Productions, and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. She has had the great good fortune to work as a choreographer or director at such theaters as Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, PlayMakers Repertory Theatre, The Roundhouse Theatre, St. Louis Repertory Theatre, Virginia Stage Company, Vermont Stage, The Utah Shakespearian Festival, Great River Shakespeare Festival, North Carolina Stage, and Knoxville Opera, among others. Her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees are from Penn State, she is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York, and she is a member of the inaugural class of Education Advocates with Theatrical Intimacy Educators.