Family Feast

CBT Family Feast logoDuring the season, we provide families the opportunity to have dinner and see a performance for only $10/person.

The purpose of the CBT Family Feast is to promote the fading practice of family dinners and to celebrate community through theatre. The only stipulation is that patrons must attend as a family unit, however “family” is defined for them.

My family had a wonderful time at the Family Feast. The dinner was nice and we LOVED learning more about the inner workings of CBT. The play was amazing and so well done. The actors did a wonderful job, sets and costumes were beautiful. My son and daughter-in-law recently moved back to Knoxville from Chicago and they both said it was as good as anything they had seen in Chicago. Can’t wait for the next one. Just wanted to let someone know!”  ~ Patron

This season, due to Covid-19 we will not be having any CBT Family Feasts.