CBT Bus Fund

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.13.21 AMWe are excited to announce our first-ever VOLstarter campaign to help bring local underserved students and their families to the theatre by raising funds to provide free transportation and tickets to a CBT production.

Please consider donating to help spread the magic of theatre to those who may not have an opportunity to attend otherwise.

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The Clarence Brown Theatre (CBT) seeks to provide cultural enrichment to our greater Knoxville area. As such the CBT has been increasing our community engagement efforts to make our productions even more accessible, however some of our community members still lack the means of transportation to attend. This can be a particular issue as most of our performances take place during evening hours or on weekends when public transportation is limited.

The CBT Bus Fund Project will work with underserved communities in five different Knox County Community Schools in economically challenged areas and offering a free ticket and free transportation to and from the theatre. Through this program, the CBT can help bring more students and their families from local schools and economically challenged areas who lack transportation to enjoy and experience the enrichment of live theatre.

What your support could provide:

  • $4 –  pays for one student’s transportation cost
  • $20 – provides transportation and a ticket for a parent/guardian
  • $50 – provides transportation for 3 families of 4
  • $100 – sponsors 5 students’ transportation and ticket costs
  • $195 – provides an entire bus for transportation to and from the CBT
  • $915 – sponsors one community school (up to 48 guests) to attend a
    CBT production with transportation

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