CBT Theatre Thursdays

CBT Theatre Thursdays is a new digital initiative designed to help bring theatre education to the East Tennessee Community. This program aims to provide enriching cultural and educational content to our area youth and lifelong learners who are looking for ways to stay artistically engaged. Each month we will dive into a small section of a play and explore what goes into making that piece of theatre come to life! From conversations and mini video tutorials with directors, dramaturgs, designers, performers, prop artisans, costumers, and more we hope to inspire people to create theatre at home!

Week 1 – The Magic of Midsummer

Welcome to our first installment of CBT Theatre Thursdays as we explore Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Join us to learn some historical insight around the celebrations of Midsummer and brief overview of the scene we’ve chosen to explore this month!

Week 2 | Playing Peter Quince

Ever wonder how a professional actor plays an inexperienced actor on stage? Find out as Emeritus Theatre Professor Terry Weber shares some challenges, tools, and insights on performing Peter Quince in A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Week 3 | Costume Creations

Part of the magic of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is all the creative costumes that help bring the characters to life! Join us as Costume Shop Manager Melissa Caldwell-Weddig explores how to go about using the text for costuming clues and repurposing items around the house to create your own costumes!

Read the full scene here.

Short Version of the Scene – Just the Play within a Play

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We are currently working on next month’s videos that center around activism in theatre and the role stories can play in creating a better society. 

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