CBT Goes Green

Join us as we make the Clarence Brown Theatre Greener! recycle logo for UT
In conjunction with UT’s Office of Sustainability
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, our production shops and staff are concentrating on ways of becoming more energy-efficient, including methods to conserve supplies and reduce landfill waste.

With the help of UT recycling, we have begun a composting system in our restrooms, shops, and concessions stand.
But we can’t do this alone; we need your help!Composting at UT Knoxville (video block)

Ways you can help while you are at the theatre:

  • Refill your water bottles or reusable cups at our new water fountain and refilling station in the main lobby.
  • Place your empty compostable paper cups in the designated compost bins located in the main lobby.
  • Place used paper towels in the designated compost bin in the restrooms, not in the trash cans.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for ways we can operate in a greener fashion, please email us at cbtgreenteam@utk.edu.

Thanks for your efforts in helping us reduce our carbon footprint and become more mindful of our resources.

Keep your eyes open for more green theatre initiatives in the near future!