Candide – Content | Suitability

SYNOPSIS: Searching throughout the Old and New World for his beloved Cunegonde, Candide’s philosophy of Optimism is challenged by catastrophe after catastrophe. Bernstein’s brilliant and beautiful score deepens Voltaire’s great satire with contributions from the greatest lyricists of the 20th century.

THEMES: Optimism and disillusion, religion and philosophy vs. the world, the corrupting power of wealth, the power of human reason, social equality.

LANGUAGE: CONTAINS MILD LANGUAGE. Specific words include “bastard,” “hellfire and damnation”



SEX: YES. Discussion of sexual topics, brief scenes of physical contact in a sexual manner.

VIOLENCE: YES. Description of war violence, depiction of gun violence, depiction of flogging.

POTENTIALLY SENSITIVE TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Sexual indiscretion between teacher and student, sexually transmitted diseases, capital punishment, sexual promiscuity in the clergy, cross-dressing.