Mike Ponder is honored to design for this excellent Christmas Carol and very happy to work with Kathleen Conlin again. It really is a gem. Also, enough cannot be said of Jed Diamond’s gift to us, both in the character and performance for the audience but also for the inspiration he is from the first read-thru sitting at a table. Mike has been a Sound Designer and Engineer for UT’s Theatre program and CBT professional company for over eighteen years where he’s worked with national and international directors including Liviu Ciulei, Paul Barnes, Henryk Baranowski, Frank Heinig, and Gerald Freedman. Some standout productions include: Dance in Time (the American debut of Laszlo Marton’s epic told through movement); Metamorphoses (with Joe Haj); and the American debut of Tabori’s The Brecht Files. More recently, he has been fortunate to design more for Casey Sams for Top Girls, as well as for some of the first shows at Jayne Morgan’s new W. Knox theatre, Flying Anvil. Mike would like to thank the staff of the CBT.  He’d also like to thank Joe Payne for sparking motivated students willing to dive in so deeply to theatre sound, it makes all the difference.