Will Dorsey IV

Will Dorsey IV  (John Nevins) Will is a proud native of Flint, MI. He attended Central Michigan University (96-98) and is a Knoxville College Alum (98-02) Will is a certified personal trainer and amateur bodybuilder who operates his own business. Will began his local stage acting career in 2010. In 2011, he appeared in Carpet Bag Theater production Speed Killed My Cousin and years later, their Anniversary series Swopera and Red Summer. Will also appeared in River & Rail’s production SWEAT. Will is represented by Talent Trek Agency and has appeared in TV Commercials, music videos and Voice Overs. His television credits include Fatal Attraction, Homicide Hunter, Snapped, Murder Comes to Town and more. Will played the Honorable Judge Henry in an Off-Broadway stage play Justice on Trial by Greater Faith Entertainment. Will is the drama director at Overcoming Believers Church where he has written and directed over 30 drama skits. In 2014, Will wrote and directed his own full stage play The Guiding Light and from there went on to write and direct the first and second Annual Blessings on Bell St. full stage play productions. He recently acted in and directed the full stage play Worth It by Vet-to-Vet foundation.