Alias Grace – Content & Suitability

SYNOPSIS: Ontario, Canada in 1859. Serving a life sentence for murders committed fifteen years ago, Grace Marks says she has no memory of the killings. A doctor investigating psychological trauma in amnesiacs tries to unlock the details and truth from Grace’s memory, but the path is painful and shocking. Is Grace an innocent victim? Is she mad? Or is she a scheming murderess?

THEMES: Power of telling one’s own story, consequences of the repression of women, social class and propriety, objective truth and the malleable nature of memory.

LANGUAGE: Contains mild adult language. Specific words include: “bitch,” “whore,” “prick,” “dammit to


ALCOHOL/DRUG USE: Yes. Abuse of pain-killers.

SEX: Discussion of sexual topics.

VIOLENCE: YES. Description of murder and violent acts.

POTENTIALLY SENSITIVE TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Apocryphal scripture, doctor/patient relationship, conjuring tricks, botched abortion leading to death, hypnosis, sexual assault, drug addiction.