Adaptive Radiation – From the Director


What is a Millennial? 

The Millennial generation, or Generation Y, is a generation born between the years of 1981-96. They were the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, until Generation Z. Compared to the Baby Boomers and Generation X, they are mostly likely to live in poverty. The generation is slower to get married, have kids or buy a home. Outside of economic dread being a source for the existential crisis and anxiety in millennials, this generation has grown up with a strict idea of what success is defined as and how to achieve it. The formula for success was to get good grades and have overachievement in extracurriculars, which would lead to a fulfilling life. 

What is Magic?

Magic is defined as the “application of beliefs, rituals or actions employed in the belief that they can manipulate natural or supernatural beings or forces. It is a category into which have been placed various beliefs and practices sometimes considered separate from both religion and science”.

Meet Melanie, Olivia, Steve, and Robert, the four Millennials in our play. At the start they share one thing in common. They have lost the magic they had from their youth. Their “baggage” and search for economic and personal satisfaction have led them to an existential crisis. They claim that they’ve “done all the right things” for success, and yet their lives are unfulfilled. They are at a turning point. Magic is nowhere to be found. Or is it? 

Adaptive Radiation is about a journey. What our four Millennials discover during this journey is what you are about to see. This play is a play. It is also magic. Enjoy!

Terry Alford, Director

Special thanks and appreciation for an especially creative and collaborative design team. Your work is magical!

Terry D. AlfordTerry D. Alford (Director) Terry is a Distinguished Lecturer in Theatre and teaches Musical Theatre Performance and Honor’s Introduction to the Theatre and Acting. Prior to joining the UT faculty Mr. Alford held the positions of Director of Musical Theatre at The University of Tulsa, and Director of Musical Theatre at The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. He has worked professionally as a performer, director, musical director, and composer at theaters across the country, including the California Theatre Center, Madison Repertory, Omaha Playhouse, Augusta Barn, Fireside Theatre, Light Opera of Oklahoma, and the Clarence Brown Theatre. Terry has directed or musically directed numerous productions and has created the scores for four original musicals and a variety of chamber and vocal music pieces. He is a member of the Clarence Brown Professional Company and regularly directs and musically directs for the Clarence Brown Theatre. Terry is the director of the CBT Summer Acting Workshop and serves as co-facilitator of Outreach and Education hosting Theatre Tours and Talk Backs.