50th Anniversary Membership FAQ’s

(Updated 7/22/2020)

How much is the membership?

Each membership costs $50.
$50 for 50 years!

What is a Forever Flex Pass?

Unlike a regular Flex Pass which expires at the end of the season, the two Forever Flex Passes included with 50th Anniversary Membership do not have redemption deadlines and  never expire. Forever Flex Passes still allow you to choose your dates and productions whenever you’re ready, whether it be in one, five, or ten years. Each Forever Flex Pass is redeemable for one  individual ticket to any future performance. A Forever Flex Pass is no longer usable after it has been redeemed for a ticket.

When will you announce this season’s shows and dates?

Much to our regret, we must suspend production in our theaters for the remainder of 2020. The ongoing incompatibility of theatrical production with University policy and best public health practices in response to Covid-19 force us to this decision.   

It is our hope that scientific advancements will allow us to produce again in the spring of 2021. But it is important to remember that there must be sufficient lead-time in order to prepare a successful production. We hope that a readily available vaccine and/or therapies will allow us to open our doors.

Did I miss the renewal period for season tickets?
Can I still purchase my regular subscription?

Unfortunately,  we will not be able to offer traditional subscriptions for the 2020/2021 Season.

What are the benefits of purchasing a Membership? 

For a full list of the membership benefits, click here. We appreciate your support during this difficult time that we are unable to produce.

I was a subscriber last year (and many years before that)!
Do I get to keep my same seats?

When we return to normal operations, we will work with you to find seating in sections for Accessibility, Open Captioning, or any other specific needs you may have. Becoming a member guarantees you will have first access to the best seating options available in the 2020/2021 Season.

When we return to traditional subscriptions, you will receive renewal information including the ability to retain your seats from the 2019/2020 Season.

How many Memberships should I purchase? 

It is not necessary to buy the same number of Memberships to match the number of tickets you buy in a traditional subscription. As a member, you will have the option to purchase additional single tickets at the member discount before they are available to the general public. However, you can purchase as many Memberships as you want! With each Membership you purchase, you ensure the survival of the CBT and receive two Forever Flex Passes.

Can I purchase a Membership as a gift?

Yes!  To purchase a Membership as a gift, please include complete contact information (Name, Email, Mailing Address) for the recipient so we may include them as members and the recipient may redeem their Forever Flex Passes.

How do I pick which show(s) I attend with my Forever Flex Passes?

Our productions will go on sale one-by-one. If you’re not ready to see the first production announced, wait until the next one! You have flexibility to decide when you want to use your Forever Flex Passes because there is no redemption deadline.

What is the deadline to use my Forever Flex Passes?

You may use your Forever Flex Passes for any show, any time (pending seating availability). There is no redemption deadline!

Can I buy more Forever Flex Passes than what are included in the Membership?

At this time, the only way to purchase additional Forever Flex Passes is to purchase additional Memberships.

When will I receive my Flex Passes?

Your Forever Flex Passes were originally scheduled to be delivered by mid-August; emails will now be sent closer to the time of our first production.

When can I start redeeming my Forever Flex Passes for tickets?

Forever Flex Passes can be redeemed one month, one week, or even one minute before show time (pending seat availability). Your Forever Flex Passes will be in your online account with Knoxville Tickets and you will receive information on how to redeem them once our first production is announced. You may also contact the Box Office to redeem your Forever Flex Passes and/or purchase additional tickets.

Is this Membership the same as a membership for Clarence Brown Theatre Society or Marian Brown’s Circle?

The 50th Anniversary Membership is separate from memberships for CBTS and MBC. Both CBTS and MBC Memberships can be purchased in addition to the 50th Anniversary Membership.

Can I mail a check to pay for my Membership?

We strongly encourage you to make membership payments online.  If you have trouble with the site, fill out our contact form and a Box Office staff member will be in touch shortly.

Can I receive tax credit for this Membership?

This Membership is not tax-deductible.

What if you don’t have productions this season?
Can I get my money back?

The 50th Anniversary Membership cost is non-refundable, but the Forever Flex Passes included in the membership are good for any future production.

Can I apply the cost of my Membership to a future subscription?

Payments made for Memberships cannot be applied to any other Membership or ticket package.

How can I get in touch with the Box Office?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, email us at box_office@utk.edu or fill out our contact form and one of our Box Office staff members will be in touch shortly.